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What's Next

January 11th, 2013 at 07:02 am

So my husband had a shot of cortisone in his right hip, the second one. The first didn't take. It was either do it again or surgery. The Parkinsons is affecting his right side only. When his hip started we weren't sure if it was the Parkinsons or something else. Sounds bad but we were lucky it was something else. To put it in laymen terms, his washer was tearing away from the hip socket. We elected to try the shot because this is a new year and we have a high deductable. So far so good, it seems to be easing the stiffness and the pain.
So we keep marching on and getting closer to retirement. I am 4 years younger than him and if he retires in the next year or so I am left without medical insurance for several years. And that is no joke. The insurance costs are ridiculous, let me say that again, INSURANCE COSTS ARE RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!

What's Next?

January 10th, 2013 at 08:01 am

So, this is a first of many. My husband has Parkinsons and is able to still work. How much longer is up in the air! One of the things I wanted to do is to take our grandchildren to Disney before he retires or becomes disabled.
I have been laid off for a year. I deffinately want to contribute to the situation but at my age it is difficult to find anything out there. I have contacted 5 different temp agencies but no one has anything.
I suppose we are better off than some. As long as I watch what I spend I think we can handle the situation.
We recently moved into a smaller home so that is a help. I just finished adding all of the things on to the house that will make it comfortable for us. The last thing I would like to do is get rid of my four poster bed and get a lower bed for my husband. That will have to wait until the next year, but then I will need a new car. It just keeps adding up.